"Silver age" in Russian art - реферат по английскому языку



  • Perhaps, it was most considerable of Russian portraitists of the Silver age.
  • Emeljanov B.V. Russian Silver age philosophy: the Course of lectures.
  • It is most indicative an image of "silver age" it was showed in the literature.
  • The concept "silver age" is connected with it, first of all.
  • M.N. Vechnye's thunders of value of Russian culture //Questions.
  • Its blossoming is noted by a boundary XIX and ХХ centuries.
  • But to vary by the end of the second millennium of an estimation began more close.
  • The matter is that exists two types of blossoming of spiritual culture.
  • For the first powerful innovations and great achievements are characteristic.
  • Vivid examples to that is Greek classics V-IV centuries BC and especially European Renaissance.



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