Idiom in English vocabulary - курсовая работа (Теория) по английскому языку



  • English and American linguists often use the term idiom.
  • Seidl J.,McMordie W. English Idioms.
  • Idiomatic english language.
  • English is the main language of popular music, advertising, home computers and video games.
  • Most of the scientific, technological and academic information in the world is expressed in English.
  • In this case the English language comes to be one but very serious problem.
  • Thats why, being a foreigner, one should avoid using idioms without knowing its meaning properly.
  • Idiom is the most common term among the terminology used.
  • There are also numerous idioms drawn from sports, arts, etc.
  • The meaning of such expressions as distinguished from the meaning of free combinations is idiomatic.



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