National Health Service in Great Britain - реферат по английскому языку



  • Peterson, O.L.: "A study of the National Health Service of Great Britain",1951.
  • 1 Description of the National Health Service.
  • 2 Cost of the National Health Service.
  • National Health Service Act, 1946, 9&10 Geo.6 Ch.81, H.M. Stat Off.
  • Hospital inpatient and outpatient services are free, both medical and mental health services.
  • Such a centre would include six general practitioners, two dentists and one or two health officers.
  • On this basis, greater London alone would need about 450 such centres.
  • This is because these services are all pre-paid from taxation.
  • Beveridge Report on "Social Insurance and Allied Services", H.M. Stat.
  • D) The out-patient departments are given greater importance and better organization.



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