A contrastive analysis of consonants of English and Turkish languages - диплом по английскому языку



  • II includes the comparative analysis of consonant systems of English and Turkish languages.
  • The English bilabial consonants are: [m, p, b] ; the Turkish bilabial consonants are: [ m, p, b ] .
  • Now it is time to examine some differences between English and Turkish consonants.
  • Consonant systems of English and Turkish languages.
  • English lateral constrictive sonorants are: [ l', l ] ; in Turkish - [ l ] .
  • The English voiceless consonants are: [p, t, k, f, T, s, C, S, h] .
  • The English phoneme is more retracted than its Turkish counterpart which is rather a dental sound.
  • There are no differences between the English sound and its Turkish counterpart.
  • First we would like to examine some similarities between English and Turkish consonant sounds.
  • Ç - sounds like ch as in the word "Turkish"Dd same as in English.



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