Uzbekistan-U. S. Economic Relations: Problems and Perspectives - диссертация по английскому языку



  • Major Issues in Uzbekistan- U. S. Economic Relations.
  • Uzbek - US economic relations could be considered to be on a very basic level.
  • Table 1. Selected Economic Indicators for Uzbekistan’s Economy.
  • A: Growth figures prior to 1996 are taken from IMF: Uzbekistan: Recent Economic Developments 1998.
  • Mainly, Uzbekistan was a producer of cotton for the textile industry of the former USSR.
  • Besides that, Uzbekistan supplied other raw materials such as silk, wool, produce; and natural gas.
  • Uzbekistan has not conducted a population census since 1989.
  • It is well known that GDP per capita is an important economic indicator for any country’s economy.
  • What are the factors that make Uzbekistan an attractive partner in Central Asia?
  • So what attracts the USA in Uzbekistan?



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