Музеи /english/ - реферат по прочим предметам



  • Not until the Renaissance was the term applied to a collection of objects of beauty and worth.
  • The museum and most of its were destroyed about AD 270 during civil disturbances.
  • Hadrian's villa, in fact, may be considered a precursor of today's open-air museums.
  • Beginning in the 7th century, spoils of the Crusades were added to these repositories.
  • Occasionally displayed, the jewels and gold also served as a reserve to be pawned in time of war.
  • Museums as they are known today were first established in Europe in the 18th century.
  • Even before the American Revolution, museums were founded in the colonies by private citizens.
  • Du Simitiиre was especially concerned with the documentation of the American Revolution.
  • Relatively early in the history of modern museums, special types began to be organized.
  • The first museum concerned with a university was established at Basel, Switzerland, in 1671.



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