Literary analysis of "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw - реферат по литературе



  • George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1856 to Lucinda and George Shaw.
  • Play by George Bernard Shaw is great for many reasons.
  • George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).
  • In his "Pygmalion," Shaw teases his audience, foreshadowing a Cinderella-like romantic play.
  • The theme of Shaw's "Pygmalion" lies in such consistency.
  • Shaw, Bernard, edited by Dan H. Laurence.
  • Playwright bernard show pygmalion romance.
  • Nevertheless, Pygmalion did provoke controversy upon its original production.
  • Lucinda ran away to London with her voice teacher, George Lee.
  • Shaw was an active Fabian socialist and a supporter of feminists and homosexuals.



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