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  • So, the life of Mary Stuart was very tragic and romantic, full of adventures and evils.
  • Her struggle for crown cost her life.
  • Mary had full rights for crown of England, she fought for it, and she failed in this struggle.
  • Elizabeth the First and Mary Stuart are very important persons in the history of England.
  • The one great trouble of this reign was Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.
  • Queen Elizabeth, her rival in struggle for the crown of England.
  • We don’t know what could be, if Mary Stuart stay alive and became the Queen of England.
  • She was the daughter of the Queen Regent of Scotland, Mary of Guise.
  • Soon, the young French King died, living Mary a young widow.
  • Thus, from the moment of Mary’s coming to England she began to be the center of plots and miseries.



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